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March 26th, 2014 a workshop entitled "The future of photovoltaics" was held at the School of Industrial Engineers of Badajoz, where the progress of the cooperation project "Performance evaluation of photovoltaic plants" (PCJ1004) was presented by strategic sectors, between research groups and companies, funded by the Government of Extremadura and FEDER funds. Besides the presentation of the project was featured by two lectures with sector experts:
  • "Effects on the latest photovoltaic energy reform undertaken by the Government", by Jorge Morales de Labra. Geoatlanter CEO and member of the Steering Committee of Manufacturers of UNEF.
  • "Restructuring of renewable projects," by Laura Cadenas Zamora. Senior Associate of Watson, Farley & Williams in Madrid.

The event, which featured attendees from companies and associations of photovoltaic production, engineering, consulting, distribution companies, universities and other public agencies, training centers, etc... ended with a round table discussion about the PV sector from technical and economic points of view.

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